Witchstone // The Death Wheelers LP [IMPORT]

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Image of Witchstone // The Death Wheelers LP [IMPORT]

On special import from Sunmask (Canada)

We have been very lucky to get our hands on just a handful of these LPs.

Quebec's roaming Death Wheelers rise from their graves, tune-in their Harleys and ride to wreak vengeance on the citizenry through 6 tracks of lo-fi instrumental garage punk whilst Calgary's Witchstone ride their pale horses through the badlands of blackened psych-doom.

Witchstone - The Sludgelands
Witchstone - Altar Riot
The Death Wheelers - Death Wheelers Theme
The Death Wheelers - Freewheelin'
The Death Wheelers - Motorpsycho
The Death Wheelers - DFFD
The Death Wheelers - Sleazy Rider
The Death Wheelers - Cycling For Satan

Limited release of 250 on clear vinyl with inserts.

Limited release of 50 in single colour silkscreened fold out jacket ('Double The Terror, Double The Shock' artwork) with your very own Death Wheelers membership card. SOLD OUT

by Deathwheelers and Witchstone
Image of Witchstone // The Death Wheelers LP [IMPORT]